The Truth about being a Level Red Boxing Instructor


- Written by Nicole Lawrence

Why I love teaching

Where do I even start? The truth is being a Boxing Instructor at Level Red Boxing is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. 

When I first started teaching my family and friends thought I was crazy (they still do) for wanting to wake up at 5am to teach class at 6am. Honestly I look at it as a blessing

Everyday I go into class, and I have the opportunity to work side by side with folks in their fitness journey. Whether it is their first time ever working out, or they are gym rats, it is so amazing to watch everyone's transformations. 

What I absolutely love about teaching the classes is the freedom to make each workout unique and fun. Even if you all loveeeee (hate) burpees! Haha


I love pushing people further than they ever thought they could go! Usually that means I run bag to bag and yell like a crazy lady (for an entire hour)! Haha!

What really fires me up is watching our members go completely BEAST MODE!!


Every time a member reaches their next LEVEL I get so insanely happy!

For those of you reading this that don't know what Leveling up at LRB means, let me tell you. 

Level Yellow means that you have now put 100 classes on your gloves. 100!!! That is dedication!! 

Level Red is not for the weak hearted! Level Red means you put 200 classes on your gloves. Yes you read that right, 200!!! classes. Hitting 200 classes takes pure heart and awesomeness! 

One of my favorite classes was Steve Volmer's 200th class! I created a playlist, and workout (burpees) based around him. It was a super energetic class. Everyone gathered around at the end for a group photo (above).  Morning class is like a family(as you can see in the photo above)! That class, and every class we all push each other, and give each other support (going head to head on one bag). 

LRB Members and Trainers

Our members are AMAZING!!! Not only have I built amazing fitness friendships, but I am lucky to say I built a family in LRB! Everyday I wakeup to teach, I get so pumped to see you all!! 

I can't leave out my fellow trainers! It is hard to even put into words how amazing the trainers are at Level Red Erie! 

The trainers truly care about each and every member. I can say first hand we all consider you to be family! 


If you miss more than one class be ready to get a Facebook message from your trainers to see where you have been. It is important to every single trainer that all our members know how special you are. 

The most exciting part about this all is that we are just getting started! Level Red Boxing will continue to expand, and continue to add fun new things. 

I can't wait to see how far everyone goes with their transformations, and how many more relationships I can grow. 


I want to sincerely thank the Pribonic's for bringing me onto the team! I also want to thank all our trainers for all your dedication and love! I especially want to thank all our members (my Level Red Family) for putting up with my craziness

Come box with me! Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 6AM-7AM at our Erie Location!