What is it like to be a Woman in a "Male Dominated Industry"?

- Written by Nicole Lawrence: What it is like for me to work in a "Male Dominated Industry."


As most of you know I am the Director of Marketing at NFI Empire. NFI Empire is a Custom 4x4 & Performance Build Shop in Erie PA. 

I will never forget my first days at NFI. I was so nervous, and I wanted to make sure I was taken seriously. When I was initially hired on, we specialized mainly in Jeeps, so I spent countless hours researching everything I could about Jeeps. 


I found out quickly that it was crucial I know exactly what I was talking about. Whether female or male, you will always be challenged in your work place to ensure you know what you are marketing. 

As time went on my male coworkers became more than just my friends. They became my FAMILY! Although we all joke around a lot, I have never felt "scared", or "anxious" about working around all men. I never felt looked down on, or felt like I was thought of as any less, became I am a female.


In fact I feel empowered knowing that I can stand my ground as a woman in a "male dominated industry". I find the industry to be absolutely fascinating, and look forward to the opportunity everyday to learn more, and push the market further.  

NFI Staff, my family! NFI Empire is not just a workplace, it is way more than that. I can say confidentially, that you will NEVER find a more PASSIONATE team. Our team lives, breaths, eats, and sleeps NFI. 



So, yes I am a female in a male dominated Industry, but I have NEVER felt misunderstood or looked at with less respect. As a woman in a male dominated industry it is all about how you hold yourself. If you think of yourself as anything less than powerful, that is how you will be treated. Hold your head high, and know you are able to do anything!