Are you Spiritually Empty?

For me life is not just about health and fitness. It is not just about fueling my body, but also about fueling my mind and spirit. Mind. Body. & Spirit! 


I have always had a relationship with God. From a young age, I had the best influence anyone could ask for in life! My grandma Connie (grams) used to take us kids to First Assembly of God every Sunday. We were front row Joe's. 

I would watch her in aw as she sang and danced (like no one was watching). She was, and still is my idol in so many ways! 

As we go through our busy lives, we often find ourselves forging forward for everyone else. We become people pleasers, instead or Christ pleasers. 

I often find myself so "busy" that I put my spiritual needs on the back burner. Something finally clicked with me this year, that I need to start really putting effort into myself & my relationship with God. 


I thank Elevate Church, and Pastor Colby for this. Week after week I find myself wanting more than just Sunday with God. I want everyday with him. 

Every week I now go to Church at Elevate with my boyfriend, and I have to say it is such an emotional rollercoaster. 

The worship brings back those memories of sitting with my grandma, and I get emotional every week as the Holy Spirit takes over. 

The band at Elevate is mind blowing! It is like you are in a live concert every Sunday! You can't help but move & groove. 

As worship comes to an end Pastor Colby comes to the stage, and delivers a one of a kind message EVERY week! What I love most about Elevate is that it is so modern. Every message is put into terms you can understand, and relate to. 

I leave church with Hope in my heart, not condemnation. 

It is so special to me to watch Pastor Colby and his wife Kristen interact, because they are real. They don't pull any punches. They are a perfect example of a power couple. It seems they work so well together, and that is something I cherish, and hope to continue to push for with Zach. 


The best days at church are the days I have my family & friends by my side. It means so much to me to introduce others to Elevate, and to help them move closer to God. Lately my brother and nephews have been joining us in church and it literally fills my heart with so much joy. 

I watch as they listen, (well they make it look like they are listening haha) and hope that I can have the same impact on them, as my grams did on us. 

My goal this year, like I said it to grow my faith in God. I have been trying by being consistent with my bible plans. I would love to grow my circle next. 

If you ever find yourself curious, but afraid to go alone, please ask me. I am more than happy to save anyone a seat next to Zach and I.