Turn a Negative into a Positive!

- Written By: Nicole Lawrence

Be Positive:

All too many times we find ourselves falling victim to negativity. Maybe you started your day today already in negativity, and didn't even realize it. You got dressed, and looked in the mirror, and thought; "Wow I look awful in this outfit". STOP! 

From this day forward it is time to make a change in your perspective. Take a look in that mirror, and say "I am STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, CONFIDENT, and ALIVE!". Even if day one you don't believe it, keep saying it day after day, until you become 100% sure that is how you feel about yourself. 

"If you're gonna make a change, you're gonna have to operate from a new belief that says life happens not to me, but for me." - Tony Robbins

Be Grateful:

Another part of becoming positive, is becoming grateful. The ugly truth is that our upcoming generation has begun to think that EVERYTHING should be handed to them (they expect it, so they aren't grateful for what they do have). That is not the case! You must work hard for what you want, and be grateful for everything in your life. 

When I feel myself going down the road of feeling sorry for myself, or thinking "I wish I had....

I immediately try to correct it in my head. I start to think "Nicole, you have so many great people in your life, and a healthy capable body!" Look around you, and begin to think about all you DO HAVE, not what you DON'T HAVE. 

Work Hard: 

Working hard gets you nowhere if you don't have a clear vision of where you want to go, or what you want to do. I suggest making a daily goal, weekly goal, and yearly goal (or goals), write them down everyday. Look at them, visualize yourself achieving that goal. Say it out loud. Repeat this daily!

You become what you surround yourself with and what you think about most often.

Be the Change:

It comes down to setting new habits. Good news!! Bad Habits can be broken! Bad News... You have to work towards breaking them. But YOU CAN DO THIS! 


Today I challenge you! 

TODAY! Write out a list of 5 things you love about yourself.

  • Read it to yourself
  • Look in the mirror and read it out loud
  • Repeat for 30 days! 

You will  find it isn't easy, but once you do it day after day, something in you will begin to change for the better

This life is yours! Capture it! Begin to love yourself, so you can whole heartedly help others.