Before you Act... Think 

Written by: Nicole Lawrence


Naturally we all get into our own routines, and tend to forget about the outside world. We forget that we are not the only ones going through things. 

The craziest thing in life is that we are all different. There is no two like people on this entire planet. From your appearance to your chemical break down, you are different from everyone around you. 

Let's take a minute to think about that. Not only are you different from everyone around you, you are struggling with different things than everyone around you, on the daily. 

The next time you look at someone with judgement in your eyes, remember, you have NO IDEA what they are going through.

The eyes can only see so deep. 

You may look at the girl next to you, and think "Wow she is gorgeous! I bet she has the world at her hands". 

That same girl may be thinking "I hate my life. How can I end this terror". 

You would have no idea looking at her, that she is battling such terrible things. 


When I look around at what this life is turning into, I am deeply saddened. We have forgotten the main component that will make this life continue. COMPASSION! 

If we would instill compassion into our children, then the bullying would stop. The stress of worrying about being seen as less would stop. The world would stop fighting against each other, and start working together. 

As I sit and watch the news lately I see nothing but horror. I see kids at school being terrorized to the point that they snap. 

I see parents that reward their children for fighting, and disrespect. 

What we need to be pushing on our future generations is COMPASSION. 


Challenge: Today! Sit your children down (no matter their age) and have this talk. The next time you think it is ok to bully Bobby or Suzy, I want you to think of what they may be going through outside of school. 

Paint the picture for them. Bobby or Suzy may not have the same love and support you do. They may go to school as their escape.

I want you to put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to be picked on day after day, with no one standing up for you? 

I want you to stand next to that child, and give them love and support. 


It is time we stop the viscous cycle. 

Our future generations deserve better! They deserve better out of us. They deserve to see adults that work together. They deserve to live in a world of love and compassion. 

You may be reading this thinking, pshhh that sounds all fine and dandy, but I can't make that happen. 



It is up to us to make the change! Turn the negatives into positives. Tell yourself you are worth it. And push your positivity and compassion on others. 

It starts with one strong person. STAND UP! BE the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD! 

Challenge: Today! Look around you, and start to see people for who they are, not what they appear to be. You could be the positivity that they needed to get through one more day.