Why my Journey Into Strongman was cut short


My journey into strongman was so amazing! I felt like a badass every time I went to the gym and crushed a PR. I thrived off the high I was getting from training. 

I was putting in 2 hours a day or more at the gym, and absolutely crushing my diet. I not only wanted to challenge myself in strength but also in my diet. I set a goal to compete in the lightweight class, that meant I needed to drop 11 pounds in 5 weeks. So, I jumped on the KETO diet, and dedicated myself everyday! 

The first week was ROUGH!!! After that my body actually thrived on the KETO diet and it was smooth sailing. 

The day of the competition came quicker than i thought. I weighed in, and MADE IT!!! 130lbs on the dot! 

My family and friends were there with the most amazing supportive energy!! 

I fueled up, threw my headphones in and put myself into the zone. 

The first lift was a max deadlift. 3 times through, and I finished with a PA State Record of 375lbs. I was so pumped! 

Full disclosure I HATE deadlifts.  

Next event was the log press. I started at 110lb press and pushed it out no problem. Next lift I went for 120lbs, and again up like butter. I got cocky and went for 140lbs knowing my PR was 130lbs. I missed it... 

But... I still walked away with a PA State record in log press. 

Overall the event was AMAZING, and I qualified for Nationals!! I was so blown away, and so thankful for all the support from my family and friends. 

I got home and had to stop training until I could visit my heart doctor for a checkup. I went to him, and told him I made to Nationals!! 

We had to sit down and have the dreaded conversation, on whether or not I would be allowed to compete, or not. He asked me about the events, and decided it was a HARD NO. I was crushed!! All my hard work came crashing to an end. 

Honestly after that day I lost my passion for lifting. I fell out. I mean I fell out HARD! It took me months to even think about lifting. Until I finally decided, I have to turn this negative into a positive. 

I have to be appreciative, and blessed for the chance to even compete once. 2018 I decided it is time to get back to lifting, and get back to myself! So here we are! 

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