"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." 

-Albert Einstein




The ultimate sales machine

My boss at NFI Empire had all of us employees in Sales and Marketing read this book. 

It is a full guide to how to become successful in not only sales, but business in general. 

It is a great read! 


7 habits of highly effective people

Principles to follow in living an effective life.

Don't live as a victim! Quit living in the "if only". Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and challenges.  




The power of positive thinking 

ALWAYSSSSS turn negatives into positives! 

Negativity will eat you alive. Stop with the negatives, and move forward with the positives. 

the secret power of speaking gods word

The secret power of speaking god's word

Amazing book to pickup daily and remind yourself how amazing 

the strength training anatomy workout

I loveeee this book!! It really helps you picture how the muscle groups are working together. I use the education from this book everyday when making my workouts.