"A transformation is not only of the body, it is of the mind & spirit." 

-Nicole Lawrence

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The Journey  

Lerroy transformation




Leeroy S. 

Well. My name is Leeroy Simons 28 years old. Basically as a child I was bullied a lot in school. During my high school years I decided to eat more and gain weight to be bigger and stronger than my bullies.

I accomplished that and with that also came a lot of self-esteem problems because I gained all this weight and people accepted me for how big I was but I wasn't happy or healthy.

I always had it in the back of my mind that I need to be big and fat otherwise.. People will not accept me for who I am. I started to create this character according to what others expected of me and needed me to be.

The big guy playing first team rugby in school and good at sports. Yes I was overweight but I loved my sports and training and playing rugby I always had low self-esteem besides the time when I was big and fat cause I was like the popular big/fat guy.

Problem was I was never happy with myself and did it cause of the opinion of others.

Until last year I decided I'm not going to work on the ships anymore I'm going to work on myself and my dream to become a personal trainer to motivate people to improve their lives not only mentally but physically

Also into a positive way of life and to accept themselves for who and what they are not who What I wanna do and what I wanna be. It's a life long dream of mine to become a personal motivator and trainer to others to inspire people in a good way.

I'm done chasing dead end jobs or being someone that I'm not and just being me and doing what I know best and what I have a passion for