"A transformation is not only of the body, it is of the mind & spirit." 

-Nicole Lawrence

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The Journey  






After my second son I decided to better my life and become a healthier person. I’ve always been the “big girl” for as long as I could remember. I had enough. I started dieting and exercising but the pounds wouldn’t come off, so I decided to take the next step and that for me was to get weight loss surgery.

I wanted to be my old self again to run with my children to not be tired to be happy and feel beautiful. After reaching 265lbs I had the gastric sleeve on 6/24/16.Two months after surgery I committed myself to the gym 5days/wk and changed my diet and cut out carbs. 85lbs down and I’m exactly where I only dreamed to be. On 10/14/17 I had my Mommy makeover to finalize my journey.

I hope my account can show others no matter how you choose your journey it’s exactly that “your journey”. I want others to know that no matter how you decide to lose the weight it’s your choice.

Body positivity to me was loving myself through this process and knowing my worth during my journey and still loving myself after all I’ve been through mentally and physically. Starting tip #1 don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results just be consistent and the changes will soon follow.