"A transformation is not only of the body, it is of the mind & spirit." 

-Nicole Lawrence

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The Journey  


Steven Lynch.

I stopped taking care of myself for a number of years. I was really unhappy and it really showed. One day I had enough. I knew I needed to change my life.

I started counting calories and prepping my meals. I started taking walks with my dog in the morning for 20 minutes and building from there. I started walking to and from work and even longer walks with the dog on the weekends.

Eventually one day I wanted to see how far I could run without stopping. I managed to get half a mile before I considered quitting and managed to complete a full mile in about 14 minutes. I was very slow but the most important thing to me was that I didn't stop. I was very proud of myself.

I decided that I'd really like to be able to complete a 5k. I accomplished this 3 weeks later. By the end of the year I was running 5k every day! I've lost over 130lbs and I've never felt better. I'm in better shape in my 30s than when I was in my teens and 20s!!