"There is no better feeling than walking into the gym with a fresh outfit!" 




NIKE Frees

I seriously love Nike frees! They are so comfortable, it doesn't even feel like you are wearing shoes. 

I personally love to run in them!


Reebok Nanos

In my opinion there is no better cross training shoe. I used these while training for strongman as well as crossfit workouts. 

I absolutely love these shoes, and they last forever!!  




Yoga Pants  

God's gift to women! There is no time in the day that I don't wish I was in my yoga pants. 

amazing yoga pants

Sports Bra

Two tone yoga pants 

WOAHHH come on ladies, you can't even say these aren't awesome! 

Sports Bra

You got to take care of the girls! There is no worse moment then doing a jump squat and realize you have loose canons. 

Tank Tops


Suns out, guns out!! Show off all that hard work with the perfect tank top!